The owner Buresti Luca, driven by his passion for engines since he was a child, in 1994 at the age of 15 began a course for mechanics in the regional school of Jesi.

Wanting to quickly learn the secrets of the trade, on free afternoons after school he goes to a Fiat garage in his native country.

After finishing his studies, also thanks to the help of one of his professors, he found a job at the authorized Ferrari workshop of Zitti Franco. Here he began to be fond of vintage cars and specific high power engines.

About three years later, eager to experiment elsewhere and in different fields, he first found himself working as a carburetor - electrician and then moved to other workshops "Lancia, Opel, Nissan, Mercedes"


In April 2004 the owner Buresti Luca, driven by the desire to create a new point of reference for those who love their car, decided to open his business in the small native town.

Performing beyond the normal repair and maintenance works, processing and restoration of both vintage cars and modern cars.

February 2009, for strategic needs the business is transferred to the nearby city of Jesi in via Ancona. The new partner Carletti Lorenzo joins the staff, a true artist in metalworking and finishing, boasting considerable experience on motorcycle engines.

July 2015, given the growth in the amount of work, the new office is started in via Fernando Santi, 5 - Jesi, in order to obtain a better quality and professional service.


To ensure the best result we only use high quality components and the best brands.

Most of the interventions we carry out are covered by a 24 month warranty.